A 60-year-long history​

“Baita del Sole” saw the light of day back in 1959, when the gondola lift linking Teglio and Prato Valentino, the first detachable chairlift in Europe, was under construction. This facility allowed locals and holidaymakers to easily reach the ski destination, as well as the transport of goods for the inhabitants of the village.

Several managers followed over the years, until it came into the hands of Adriano in July 2011. He simultaneously purchased and managed the ski facilities, so as to return to Prato Valentino its most peculiar element.

Adriano’s work ends today with Stefano acquiring the building: our commitment is to pay tribute to the tradition that has always featured “Baita del Sole”, but with a look also towards the future and modernity. Here and now, here is our new Chalet Baita del Sole.

The new Chalet Baita del Sole​

The idea of renovating Baita del Sole starts from Stefano Carlucci, born in 1987, who has often spent his time in Prato Valentino since he was still a child.

Stefano, who is proud of his origins, after his experience with the family café in Teglio and another coffee shop activity that directly overlooks the SS38 motorway, driven by his love for this sunny ski resort, in 2011, decided to take over the upper floor of Baita del Sole with the “Sunset” project: a warm and quick refreshment for those who want to have lunch rapidly without waiting for the service at the table offered on the ground floor of the structure.

The more time passes, the more Stefano is convinced that such a beautiful place would deserve more attention. Finally, renovation works have started in 2022 and are now leading to the birth of a young and modern restaurant, like its owner, where you can taste the typical dishes of the Valtellina tradition in a warm environment which is ready to welcome its guests amid fir planks and the crackling flame of the fireplace.

Our mission

Have you ever heard of “hygge?” This Danish word means “to create a welcoming atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of life with loved ones”.

This is our mission.

The project “Chalet Baita del Sole” was born from the desire to bring back to life an environment until now neglected, creating an accommodation facility on the slopes of the Alpe di Teglio where tourists and skiers can find refreshment during their excursions. But not only: our goal is to encourage customers to come and visit us without necessarily planning a trip, but just because of the pleasure of spending a dinner with the most loved ones.

The glow of fire is hygge, as well as making yourself comfortable and looking at the stars together with your loved one. And there is nothing more hygge than sitting with friends and family chatting about the small and big things in life, perhaps in front of a plate of pizzoccheri and with a panoramic view of the entire valley.