Quick lunch

Since 2011, the “Sunset” has been operating on the upper floor of the Chalet Baita del Sole. The service offers hot sandwiches, cold cuts, and a cafeteria, all framed by the beautiful sun that illuminates the Rhaetian Alps.

The “Sunset” has been designed for all those who are looking for a quick service so as not to steal even a minute from their day immersed in nature or on the snowy slopes.

We are working to transform this refreshment stop into a real self-service restaurant with more gastronomic options.

Stiamo finendo di definire il Menù

  • Rucola e Bresaola
  • Formaggio e Crudo
  • Verdure grigliate

3,5 €
3,5 €
3,5 €

  • Salumi
  • Formaggi
  • Salumi e formaggi

3,5 €
3,5 €
3,5 €

The Restaurant

The “Restaurant” is located on the ground floor of Chalet Baita del Sole inside a completely renovated space at 1700 meters high, that aims at combining innovation and tradition.

The modernity of the furniture meets at the table the typical flavours of Valtellina but not only: new flavours await you to accompany you on an unparalleled gastronomic journey, all wrapped in the warmth of mountain wood and the blazing flame of the fireplace.

The new indoor veranda will allow you to enjoy lunch with a splendid panoramic view of the Orobic slope.

The Baitino

At the intermediate point of the ski slopes rises the “Baitino”: a wooden structure wrapped in white snow that allows skiers and mountaineers to make a quick stop and find refreshment even at 2000 meters high. The service, open in conjunction with the ski slopes, offers hot sandwiches and has a cafeteria, as well as a deckchair rental point to enjoy the sun at high altitude.

Il Baitino